thermostat. woman's hand setting the room temperature on a modern programmable wall heater. closeup

How to Set Your Programmable Thermostat

December 23, 2021

A programmable thermostat will help make your home comfortable and may allow you to save money at the same time. Use these tips to help.

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Furnace Filters

Furnace Filters 101

December 15, 2021

Your furnace filter is the unsung hero of your furnace. Here are some basics our team thinks you should know to help it do its job.

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Furnace Settings

What’s the Difference Between My Furnace Fan Settings—ON and AUTO?

November 30, 2021

There are furnace-fan settings on your thermostat for ON and AUTO. Which option is the best choice for your household?

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Closeup Shot Of Home Furnace Burner Ignited With Crimson Blue Flame

How Does My Gas Furnace Work?

November 15, 2021

Our professionals encourage you to understand how your gas furnace works so you can spot any potential problems with your home’s heating system.

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Technician doing Maintenance

Is HVAC Preventative Maintenance Worth It?

October 29, 2021

Maintaining your heating and cooling system with knowledgeable and experienced professionals like ours only reaps benefits for you.

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Man Inspecting HVAC Sound

Listen to Your HVAC System

September 30, 2021

Is your HVAC system making unusual sounds? This indicates the need for a tune-up, cleaning, or repair. Here’s a guide to some typical sounds.

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woman near power control panel|woman near power control panel

Why Is My Heat Pump Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

September 17, 2021

To help you identify potential problems, our HVAC professionals want to share with you five of the most common reasons heat pumps trip circuit breakers.

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Air conditioner with maintenance tools and service reminder in residential back yard

AC Equipment Shortage: What You Need to Know

August 31, 2021

The HVAC industry is still managing a parts shortage. To help, here’s what you should know about the parts delay.

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close up of insomniac unable to sleep in bed

Why Is My Heat Pump Making Loud Noises?

August 13, 2021

If your heat pump is reaching sounds impossible to ignore, use this list of five common noises to look out for.

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Family Cleaning Up

How Environmental Issues Can Affect Your AC

July 30, 2021

Many environmental issues play a significant part in your air conditioner’s performance, but can contribute to potential problems you may face.

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