Gold Maintenance Plan

Gold members enjoy these benefits; easy monthly payments of $20.99

15% Discount on repairs
$49 Seasonal check (normally $79)
Service within 24 hours
Technical support available by phone

If you move, you'll have two great options to transfer your plan. You can transfer it to your new home (if located within our service area) or you can transfer to the new owner of the home you are selling—a nice "extra" to offer prospective buyers!
The Gold Maintenance Membership Club meets or exceeds the manufacturer's system maintenance requirements for extended warranties.
No need to worry about remembering to schedule, we will call to remind you when it is time to schedule your seasonal tune-ups.
Each year includes two seasonal tune-ups, one cooling tune-up and one heating tune-up. The heating and cooling tune-ups help lower operating costs, reduce the chance of break downs, and keep equipment lasting longer.

We will check the following during our tune-ups:

Safety, serviceability, cleanliness, filters, amp draw, coil, motors, condensate, drains, ductwork, drain pan, thermostat, safety controls, capacitors, contactors, relays, and overall system condition.

For heating season tune-up, we will:

Clean burners and flame sensor; inspect blower assembly, bearings and mounts; test safety controls and other components; check and tighten electrical connections; make visual inspection of ductwork and piping; verify proper operation in heating.

For cooling season tune-up, we will:

Chemically clean and rinse condenser coil; clear primary condensate drain trap; check and tighten electrical connections and components; inspect blowers, motors and fan assemblies; test capacitors, relays and other controls; visually inspect ductwork and piping; check refrigerant operating charge; verify proper operation in cooling.

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