Air Conditioner Maintenance in Charlotte, NC 28215

“I find your 8 hour window to sit and wait by the phone, and if you don't answer your phone we won't come, very annoying. People have busy lives and should not be expected to leave an entire day open waiting for you. A 2 to 4 hour window should really be more then enough.

It is also ridiculous that you only offer a $600.00 thermostat, so many people can not afford a thermostat that expensive. Now we will have to contact a different service company to replace our thermostat, which is very inconvenient since we are on your company's service plan.

And when Tim came to do the service today I told him we changed the filters last Sunday. His response was he has to check them anyway because I could be lying. Why would I lie about changing filters? And do not appreciate being called a liar either.”

– Merinda B.