“Tim was outstanding! He did a very thorough check of my system and was able to answer any questions I had. He was great at explaining all the different things that led to my issue and resolved them with ease.”

- Trey H.

“Creating great customer experiences and referrals. Doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by hiring/ retaining exceptional employees as Jason. As a former HR/ Director for a Fortune 500 company, I want to confirm that Jasons’ rapport makes him a “keeper.”

- Tom B.

“Tim has been out three times now to do repair and maintenance of our air conditioner. He’s always super friendly and professional and even remembers details about our lives that I didn’t expect. All-City’s service contract program has also definitely saved us some hassle and money in terms of keeping our system running without any issues.”

- Tony B.

“Cameron was very knowledgeable & great at explaining what he was doing & what needed to be fixed and why. I love the phone call heads up and the technician being on time and thorough.”

- Maggie L.

“Called in the morning and had a tech out the same day. Michael quickly diagnosed the electrical issue that was causing my breaker to trip. Friendly staff and quick service, highly recommend.”

- Brandon C.

“Cameron the technician quickly troubleshot the problem and corrected the issue. My AC is once again cooling and cycling the way it’s supposed to. He took good photos to document the work and reviewed what he did to fix the problem. I was very satisfied with results of service call and would recommend All City Heat and Air.”

- Tom F.

“Tim was very helpful, thorough and informative. He answered all my questions and helped me understand and navigate ecobee’s thermostat controls and how to use my phone to control thermostat.”

- Andrea H.

“Michael did a fabulous job of servicing my air conditioning unit. He explained everything thoroughly. We even ended up adding a second unit can’t unit to being maintained. And. Very happy with his service and with the company. Highly recommend.”

- L. M.

“I find your 8 hour window to sit and wait by the phone, and if you don't answer your phone we won't come, very annoying. People have busy lives and should not be expected to leave an entire day open waiting for you. A 2 to 4 hour window should really be more then enough.

It is also ridiculous that you only offer a $600.00 thermostat, so many people can not afford a thermostat that expensive. Now we will have to contact a different service company to replace our thermostat, which is very inconvenient since we are on your company's service plan.

And when Tim came to do the service today I told him we changed the filters last Sunday. His response was he has to check them anyway because I could be lying. Why would I lie about changing filters? And do not appreciate being called a liar either.”

- Merinda B.

“Michael did a great job getting my unit cleaned up and running like it should again. A larger company in the area had neglected to properly diagnose the issue with the unit and tried to sell us on something we didn’t need. Jason and Michael were honest and transparent about everything. Tough to find these days. Thanks!”

- Bobby L.

“Tim did a wonderful job inspecting and cleaning all equipment. He changed both filters in my house and took the time to explain all of the work he completed and also explained how to use the Ecobee. He was knowledgeable and friendly, a pleasure to work with.”

– Julie B.

- Julie B.

“Michael was on time, professional, and answered all my questions. He also explained what and why he was doing each task.
I look forward to having him perform our next semiannual maintenance this fall.”

– Auford N.

- Auford N.

“Had maintenance service performed by Michael.. He was on time and very courteous and friendly.. He explained all services to be done and he did a fantastic job.. Ty All City for taking care of my hvac.”

– William S.

- William S.

“Had maintenance service performed by Michael.. He was on time and very courteous and friendly.. He explained all services to be done and he did a fantastic job.. Ty All City for taking care of my hvac.”

– William S.

- William S.

“Michael did a great job getting us up and running again. Our wedding venue depends on having an air-conditioned space when the hot weather hits. It was nice to know as a gold member that they would be out within 24 hours to get us back up and running.”

– Bradley C.

- Bradley C.

“Tim…what a great guy, super professional and polite. Made sure my furnace/air system was working as it should be. Made sure it was ready to handle the southern season coming up. Was very helpful with offering suggestions as to possible new filter options.”

– Summer H.

- Summer H.

“Perfect service. Attended to the units for the seasonal inspection and consulted, at my request, for potential replacement of a 14-year-old unit without trying to up-sell for immediate replacement. There’s a reason All City has been our HVAC service for over 20 years. Thank you.”

– Chris C.

- Chris C.

“Michael was very professional and knowledgeable. He arrived on time and answered all my questions. Remarkable service. Thanks”

– Dru H.

- Dru H.

“It was our first maintenance service with All City and we were completely satisfied. Tim was professional, thorough and honest. I appreciate the time he took to go over his notes and pictures from the service that was done. Thank you!”

- Erin G.

“Excellent and very thorough service. Gave a complete explanation of the repair that I needed and the selection of either getting a warranty or no warranty. Very professional.”

– Diane L.

- Diane L.

“We received outstanding customer service from Michael when he performed routine maintenance on our heating and air conditioning systems on March 28, 2022. He arrived on time and conducted a thorough examination of our systems. He said that the coils on our AC needed to be cleaned and suggested a surge protector for our furnace. He described All City's maintenance program that helps customers save money. Michael combined his knowledge with a very professional and personable demeanor. It was a pleasure doing business with him.”

– Mary Ann B.

- Mary Ann B.

“I have used All City for many years and have always appreciated their knowledgeable, efficient, and courteous technicians. I highly recommend All City for any HVAC service or installation need.”

– Ellen D.

- Ellen D.

“Cameron is always very helpful, polite, friendly, and knowledgeable. It is a pleasure and a source of comfort to know that he (and the whole All City team) are maintaining my system.”

– Ann c.

- Ann c.

“We have a new system. We were getting an error message. They came out and fixed it — no charge. All City is very professional and they always provide great service. Thank you.”

– Karen J.

- Karen J.

“Cameron was extremely knowledegable and professional. He kept me informed throughout the repair process. He answered all my questions and went over everything that was done. Pricing was very fair and reasonable. I completely recommend Cameron and All City Heat & Air.”

– Dru H.

- Dru H.

“Tim and Sean were very polite and professional, arrived on time and quickly got to work evaluating my steam humidifier. After checking on the water supply and power they recycled the system. After the recycling was complete the system seems to be operating properly. This was a far better outcome than the previous service evaluation!”

– Pete A.

- Pete A.

“Tim did an excellent job repairing our heating system. He was on time and very professional. Thank you so much Tim for your excellent work and outstanding customer service!”

– Mike D.

- Mike D.

“Tim was awesome, courteous, friendly and explained all of our options and costs associated. We have been customers of All City for 13 years and everyone we have dealt with have been the best. Highly recommend this company”

– Linda B.

- Linda B.

“Excellent service from team at All City Heat & Air – starting with scheduling with office – notification of arrival – on time and professionally performed. Their maintenance review of both my upstairs and down heating systems provides a great feeling of comfort. Their suggested improvements were both welcome and clearly defined. A friendly and proficient team I would recommend to anyone. Thank You.”

– Sean C.

- Sean C.

“First time use of All City. Our original installer was no longer maintaining our two Bryant units he installed. I went on Bryant's website and found All City as an authorized Bryant dealer. It had been almost 3 years since we last had a maintenance check. Tim and Sean came out and were very professional. They wore masks and put protective booties on their shoes before entering the house. They answered all of my questions and did a thorough maintenance check of our heating system. In our bottom floor unit, Tim found that the condensate pump had failed. We had that replaced and while they were here, decided to add some safety items that had not been installed in the original installation 13 years ago. I was so satisfied with their work, that I decided to signup for their yearly maintenance plan. In the spring, as part of this plan, they will come out and inspect our cooling system. Thank you All City!”

– Gary C.

- Gary C.

“January 2021 had a whole new unit installed. The guys that showed up were great in and out in 1 day. I had heat immediately and nice cold air all summer. I signed up for the annual maintenance plan to keep the warranty in good standing. Great price for the piece of mind. Had a technician come out for the 1st real check-up today and was extremely professional as all the staff has been. Highly recommend this company and staff.”

– Summer H.

- Summer H.

“Cameron was very professional polite and knowledgeable. I appreciated him explaining each and everything that took place. I will always recommend all city heat and air”

– Nancy S.

- Nancy S.

“Tim was very patient and professional, and very clear in his explanations of my hvac problems and the possible solutions for my heating system.”

– Naraina S.

- Naraina S.

“Tim was very professional and thorough. He was very thorough in the checking of our system as well as explaining the repairs and the need to replace the system. Though the news of what needs to be fixed or replaced was not good, he was very empathic.”

– Clare R.

- Clare R.

“We built this house in 1995. All City is the only HVAC vendor we’ve ever used. That should tell you what you need to know. Also have referred them to friends with the same results. Never any high pressure sales, just honest opinions on what’s needed and fair pricing.”

– Dale W.

- Dale W.

“Tim was absolutely exceptional to work with. He talked us through every step of the process and laid out all available options to us for the repair of our AC.
He was friendly and respectful in our home and did solid work.

All City, from our first phone call to our service appointment, has been top notch.”

– Corey S.

- Corey S.

“Tim is a very courteous and knolagable technician and does the job great, and I would recommend All city air to anyone needing a new unit or just maintenance on a existing unit.”

– Donald G.

- Donald G.

“Scheduled a spring maintenance for our system at 9.00am..Received a call from the office informing me that the technician would be at my home at 9.00am..At exactly 9.00am he arrived and was very professional, had a mask on and had shoes covered before entering our home… Tim, the technician explained in detail all the work to be done and he also gave some helpful advice on which air filters i should buy… Overall an exceptional experience with this company.. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a system serviced or a new one installed.”

– William S.

- William S.

“We've had a very good experience with All City Heat & Air. They've provided us with a furnace, and most recently repaired our AC unit. Mike (and everyone who's come out) was great. He was knowledgeable, and did a great job. Thanks for everything!”

– Rachel S.

- Rachel S.

“I called and was surprised that someone could make service call within hours. Tim was great after checking out my heating system he gave me several service options. I have used them in the past for my heating and cooling needs and will use them again in the future. They have excellent service!”

– Laci G.

- Laci G.

“Tim was on time, and was very professional during his visit. He followed the pandemic protocols of masking and hand sanitizing. He patiently answered my questions and seemed very competent and trustworthy.

Thank you!”

– Chris F.

- Chris F.

“I’ve been working with All City for over 10 years. When it was time to replace my aging gas furnace and AC, I got other quotes, but as expected, All City came in with the best deal. AND I know how trustworthy they are. Installation went really well on a cold January day. Sandro and his sons were efficient, thoughtful, courteous and professional. We all were masked up and stayed safe too! I have confidence in the installation and I’m enjoying a nice, warm house. Many thanks to Sandro and Sandro, Jr.! And to Jeff for explaining how to work the new (very cool) thermostat! I recommend them 100%.”

– Joyce W.

- Joyce W.

“Very professional, polite, and on-time. Knew all steps for install to go smoothly and efficiently. Customer-oriented and took time to answer all questions I had. Would recommend All City Heat & Air as reliable, and friendly.”

– James M.

- James M.

“tim did a very good job on todays maintenance visit and pointed out that i needed a new air filter and the correct way to put it in there . . . hey i learned something new today ????? !!!!”

– shawn s.

- shawn s.

“I had a good experience with Tim from the All City Heat & Air. He was knowledgeable and efficient with the repairs on my heating system, and kept me updated on what repairs he carried out. When a follow-up service was required, he fixed it promptly without additional charge. I have had a good experience with this company so far.”

– Rajarshi R.

- Rajarshi R.

“Courteous service at a fair price. This is the second time I’ve used this company and each time I’ve been pleased with their prompt response and efficient manner in which my service is performed. What is going on is explained in simple terms and I never am made to feel like I’m being sold on services I don’t need Thanks a million!”

– Felita L.

- Felita L.

“Always good service. Friendly and professional
Office is great about calling to set appointment and let you know someone is on the way.”

– Ed F.

- Ed F.

“I want to express my true appreciation for the excellent work Omar and Ernie did yesterday in conducting the annual inspection of our heating system. They were on time, very polite, and did a thorough inspection of both my upper and lower gas heating units. They were here over two hours quietly and competently performing their jobs. At the end of the inspection they gave me an overview of what they checked, and later I received a detailed e-mail report from All City Heat and Air.

Omar and Ernie exemplify the very best examples of Customer Service that All City Heat and Air employees provide to their customer base.

Thank you Omar and Ernie,


– Keith S.

- Keith S.

“Ernie and the team has serviced our home for 13 years. He is prompt, courteous and helpful. I highly recommend All City!”

– Allison A.

- Allison A.

“All city seems to find the most pleasant people to work with. Tim was great today, as was Ernie in the past. All city is an easy company to work with. They always take the time to answer your questions and don’t make you feel rushed.”

– Dana W.

- Dana W.

“Jeff came out to do maintenance on our furnace. He was very professional, informative and knowledgeable. We will continue to use All City Heat & Air for all our heating and cooling needs!”

– Lexi O.

- Lexi O.

“Omar was very knowledgeable and thorough. We appreciate him sharing about a device that we could add in the house for allergies.”

– Cynthia O.

- Cynthia O.

“Omar was excellent. He practiced Covid related safety measures while servicing my unit. He explained things in terms that I could understand.”

– Katrina R.

- Katrina R.

“Michael came for semi annual maintenance, was thorough and professional. Would recommend him and All City Heat and Air. Have been using them for many years.”

– Susan S.

- Susan S.

“Omar was very efficient and a good communicator. I especially appreciated how he explained what he was doing and also why he was doing it in that specific way. I had previously thought we needed a procedure that he showed me was not needed and why. His work was another example of the fine work and integrity we have always with All City in the many years we have been with you. I feel sad for the other people of our neighborhood who use other services and I am going to talk to them about you.”

– David C.

- David C.

“As usual, Omar was professional and efficient. He wore a mask and shoe coverings. He answered my questions and gave me update on the attic space. I have been having a bit of an issue with my thermostat and he was diligent in making some calls to isolate the problem. I have been using All City Heat and Air for years now and happily recommend them to anyone!”

– Barbara R.

- Barbara R.

“We received outstanding service from Omar when he performed a six-month maintenance check on our system. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. He was also very prompt, polite, and has a very pleasant personality. We started doing business with All City Heating earlier this year and are extremely pleased with their service. I highly recommend this business.”

– Mary Ann B.

- Mary Ann B.

“Technician arrived in the designated time window. Omar was efficient, informative, and a true professional in verbal interaction and work performed. It is a relief knowing that you guys are taking good care of me!!”

– Trena S.

- Trena S.

“Good Service!”

– Cheryl R.

- Cheryl R.

“Omar was very professional and polite. Took the time to explain the issue and outlined the repairs needed. He is very thorough and has restored my air conditioning. Excellent work!”

– Cat T.

- Cat T.

“All City is an awesome company! Jeff and his team of technicians are very knowledgeable and every time they've come out, either for regular maintenance or a service call, the technicians are super friendly, Marty even remembered our dog's name, they professional and always explain what they are going to do, any issues they found or what the problem is. Last summer we woke up on a Sunday to a sauna downstairs. We tried to troubleshoot on our own, but by noon our thermostat was reading 94 degrees! I called All City, left a message and within 30 minutes Jeff called me back. He was on the complete opposite end of Charlotte enjoying his day off and without a thought, he turned around and was at our house with a second technician within 2 hours. They fixed it and the AC was kicking before dinner! All City is a breath of fresh customer service air!”



“Phenomenal, superb and quality work. Ernie was very knowledgeable and was able to figure out, and fix, the issue during one visit. Great rewards/membership program perks which makes maintenance or repairs even more affordable.”

– Nicole C.

- Nicole C.

“Very professional and helpful service today. Very kind to have answered many questions I had today. I highly recommend All City.”

– Tracey B.

- Tracey B.

“For many years, Ernie has been superbly caring for my heating and air conditioning systems. He has encyclopedic knowledge which he is always patiently willing to share. I feel confident recommending All City Heat and Air to anyone.”

– Elaine R.

- Elaine R.

“Very good service. Explained in detail about system parts which are in very good working order GB”

– eugene B.

- eugene B.

“All City installed our heating and air system & and have professionally maintained it. Very prompt and professional service.”

– Kathy M.

- Kathy M.

Marti. was very courteous and professional today. He accomplished the maintenance check and then explained what he did and that all was good. Appreciate his dedication to his job. Thank you!!!!”

– George B.

- George B.

“Mike was beyond amazing!! He came out for a routine inspection since I’m selling my house and ended up discovering a gas leak that the inspector missed. He saved me from what could have been a potential disaster and I could not be more happy with his work.”

– Kaitlyn P.

- Kaitlyn P.

“Marti was great. He was timely, friendly and knowledgeable, everything I can ask for.”

– Sean M.

- Sean M.

“Marti was thorough in the maintenance to my AC and made some helpful suggestions. He took time and care to remove a screen around my outside AC unit that I failed to remove before he arrived. He was very friendly to my dog and a pleasure to have at my house.”

– Laura W.

- Laura W.

“From my initial phone call over a non-working A/C in the Carolinas in a July heat wave!! To a functioning unit within a few hours!! Efficient and explained everything well. Thank you Ernie and All-City Air!!”

– Anne S.

- Anne S.

“After my Home Warranty company would not send an HVAC Technician until the end of the week (AC issue started on Monday 7/1/19), I went on Angie’s List to find a top rated company.
Our AC would power on but the air wasn’t cooling the house.
I read the reviews and called All City. They were able to come to our house within an hour (WITH THE PARTS NEEDED) to repair our unit. The only suggestion he mentioned was to clean the unit so that it would perform better and consider replacing it because the unit is old (we already knew that btw).
Jeff was our technician and he was accurate in his assessment – which made the repair time fast and efficient!
Jeff was knowledgeable, polite, and up front about the potential costs involved!!
We will keep this company in mind for our future AC maintenance, repairs and replacements. * * * * * FIVE STAR SERVICE!!”

– Tonia C.

- Tonia C.

“My usual AC maintenance company gave me an unrealistic quote for some work uncovered on a regular review. My wife wanted a second opinion and called ALL CITY. A technician was sent the same day the identified the real problem and no cost solution. ALL CITY noticed a problem missed during the regular service and fixed it a couple of days. The quick honest service was refreshing.”

– Stuart W.

- Stuart W.

“Rapid diagnosis.
Next day replacement.
Courteous, helpful.
Followed up to make sure we understood what was accomplished and how to operate
The system.
Highly recommended. Been working with them for years.”

– Eugene L.

- Eugene L.

Marti did great service today. He is knowledgeable and extremely thorough.”

– James O.

- James O.

“Thank you Martin for your professionalism, courtesy, kindness, understanding and helpfulness.
Thank you! IK”

– I K.

- I K.

“I have used All City Heating & Air for years and have always been pleased with the quality of the service. The technicians are knowledgeable and friendly. Would definitely recommend!”

– Ellen D.

- Ellen D.

“These people are extremely nice, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Great service. On time. No problems at all.”

– Susan G.

- Susan G.

“Terrific as always! Thank you!!”

– Jenny M.

- Jenny M.

“I've been very pleased with All City Heating and Air. I'm on their twice-a-year maintenance plan and have been for several years. I highly recommend them!”

– Mike W.

- Mike W.

“Ernie has serviced our heat and air needs for the 5 years that we have been in Charlotte, He has replaced one whole system, rebalanced the air delivery system to provide better air flow between two floors and provides annual cleaning and inspection. He is prompt, reasonable in his pricing, and his work is done right the first time.”

– Shelton W.

- Shelton W.

“Ernie as always has the knowledge and is very professional. Keeps me posted on any potential problem that might occur. Great service.”

– John B.

- John B.

“I have purchased both upstairs and downstairs units for All City and could not be happier. Their service is impeccable. I've primarily dealt with Ernie and he's always been professional, courteous, and upfront and is always willing to go the extra mile. It's good to find a company you know you can recommend to others.”

– Steven R.

- Steven R.

“Have been a customer for 10 years now, since we moved to Charlotte. Ernie B. has provided us excellent service from day 1. Always fair and practical in his recommendations. Truly dependable! We rely on All City and Air for all our heating and air conditioning needs!”

– Nova L.

- Nova L.

“I've have used the team at All City Heat and Air for over 10 years. On every experience the staff and technicians have been courteous, responsive and professional. I've used ACH&A for just about every HVAC need including gas furnace replacement. I've called them on the weekends and around holidays and they always have been responsive to my needs. I highly recommend ACH&A to homeowners that want dedicated and thorough service.”

– Seth G.

- Seth G.

“I been using Ernie and All City for a few years now. Always on time with your schedule. We had decided it was time for us to replace our entire unit. Ernie gave us the fairest price for what we were looking to get out our system. Ernie gave us different options and explained what each one would end up doing as far as saving on electric and natural gas. All City know Heating and Air !”

– Paul C.

- Paul C.

“I Googled Craigslist for a new heating company the guy who would helped me before he hadn't returned so I Googled and I found someone near my home I read the reviews I read the details about the company I feel comfortable I called they responded the same day my technician was earning he was great professional patient explained everything to a tea to my understanding what more can I ask for I would recommend them to anyone anytime in fact he'll be back to my house to do some small ductwork and make sure that everything is okay for the rest of the winter and Seasons to come so thank you very much all City heating and air conditioning and a special thanks to Ernie sincerely Miss Crippen”

– Cynthia C.

- Cynthia C.

So our heat stopped working today while it was a balmy 21 degrees and I got in touch with Ernie and he was at my house within 30 minutes. He got our frozen pipe handled and I’m beginning to warm up. This company has sold me great equipment, fixed my AC on crazy hot days, and literally any time I need something they come right over. I highly recommend them for any heat or AC needs in Charlotte. I’ve been using them for 5 or 6 years, and they have always been a great provider for me!

Erica P.

“I find it strange that one of your employees goes missing and his employer don't say anything or even act concerned. FORREST STEPHEN TREAT AKA FINS TREAT went missing on Feb 25 2019 and his employer could care less”