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Air Conditioners

Our air conditioning service team has been helping people stay calm, cool, and collected for over forty years. And we are helping them save on their air conditioning bills, year in and year out.

Get Your Utility Bills Under Control

Even though your air conditioner might be working, it may not be working correctly. It could be working twice as hard, only to cool half as much. If your warm weather utility bills have increased over the past few summers, yet your house seems hotter than ever, it’s time to call the professionals at All City. One troubleshooting call may be all that’s needed to get your system back to its peak operating efficiency.

Emergency Air Conditioner Repair Services

Having your air conditioner crash on a hot summer day is a terrible experience. Your family is trying to enjoy themselves out of the sun, but the house is sweltering hot. What to do?

When your air conditioner goes out, don’t wait. Pick up the phone and call Charlotte’s leader in air conditioner service: All City Heat and Air. No matter the make and model of your air conditioning unit, our NATE certified technicians are prepared to solve your problem.

We Repair All Makes and Models of Air Conditioners, Regardless of Age

Our technicians are ready to repair your air conditioner, regardless of make, model, or age. And we will do it right the first time. All City Heat and Air stocks the most common parts on our trucks, so approximately 95% of all service calls can be handled in one visit.

After we’ve made our repairs, we will run a thorough diagnostic of your air conditioner to ensure it’s running at optimal levels. Then we’ll go over the results with you, showing you what we’ve done and how to get top performance out of your system.

Contact the air conditioning service professionals at All City to find out more about our expert HVAC services. Call 704-545-2000 now for professional air conditioning service.

Heat Pumps

Is your heat pump functioning poorly or not at all? If so, it’s time to consider heat pump repair to solve the problem. Heat pumps are a good way to decrease fuel usage while heating and cooling your home or business.

When the system is working properly, your heat pump will deliver comfortable temperatures consistently. But what if your heat pump doesn’t seem to be doing its job? Is it working too hard to do the job properly?

Heat Pumps are a Great Choice – When They’re Working

Heat pumps are a wonderful, energy efficient way to make your home or business more comfortable. They reduce fuel usage. But in order for them to work as intended, they must be running at peak efficiency, meaning they must be properly maintained and repaired.

Tips for Repairing and Maintaining Your Heat Pump

  • Change the heat pump filter on regularly scheduled intervals.
  • Examine for signs of refrigerant leakage.
  • If you have an older system, oil the fan motor.
  • Pull and inspect the panel to make sure it’s clean.
  • Look for signs of leaking oil, then locate the source, and repair.


Expert Heat Pump Repair

If you don’t want to tackle the repair of your heat pump alone, let the professionals at All City Heat and Air handle it. With over forty years’ experience, we are exceptionally knowledgeable about heat pump maintenance and repair. We know exactly what to look for as we troubleshoot your system and how to repair any problems we might find. If a replacement is necessary, All City can help you choose the best heat pump for your situation.

Contact the heat pump repair professionals at All City today to find out more about our services. Call 704-545-2000 now for professional heat pump repair.


Most of us don’t even think about our furnace until it stops working, which is typically on the coldest night of the winter. Then we can think of nothing else. We desperately want to figure out how to get from frozen to cozy and comfortable.

Things that Can Affect Your Repair

There is nothing worse than being woken on a cold winter night to the sounds of a dying furnace. And if you’re like the rest of us, you’re thinking about the cost of repairing that dying furnace. Some common concerns that can affect those repair costs are:

    1. What is Causing the Problem
      Furnaces are designed to be dependable and last for years, if not decades, without problems. Unfortunately, they do occasionally crash. Many of the problems that cause furnaces to break result from neglecting regular maintenance and cleaning. Other problems involve mechanical or electrical parts.

        • Dirt: If the problem is caused by inadequate maintenance and cleaning, you might be able to solve the problem by doing a proper cleaning. If so, then repair costs are small.
        • Electrical: If you find that the problem is electrical, it may be a non- furnace issue. Make sure you inspect the circuits and breakers for electrical problems in the house. If this is the problem, the repairs might be minor.
      • Parts: If the problem is caused by bad parts that need to be replaced, then your repair costs could be quite high depending on the parts needed.


  1. How Clean the Furnace Is
    When it comes to your furnace, dirt is the typical problem. It can cause the furnace to waste fuel and greatly reduces its efficiency. It also has a big impact on parts. These parts of the furnace should always be kept clean:

    • Motor
    • Filter
    • Blower


To find out more about furnace repair, call the HVAC experts at All City today. Call 704-545-2000 now to learn how to deal with furnace repair issues.

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