Technician installing an air conditioner.

Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioning installation should not be taken lightly. It’s a big and involved responsibility. Leave the job to experienced HVAC professionals. Selecting the best unit for your situation and having it properly installed takes serious money and knowledge.

This is not a job to toss to the lowest bidder. You need a company that thoroughly understands what they’re dealing with. A company with decades of experience, using a team of certified professional technicians - All City Heat and Air.

Choosing the Best HVAC Company

There are lots of HVAC companies in the greater Charlotte, NC area, but how do you pick the best company to install the best system? We guarantee that certified and experienced technicians will correctly install your new air conditioner. And we put our money where our mouth is. Your installation is guaranteed with the full resources of a Charlotte HVAC company with over forty years of experience. When all of this is taken together, your choice becomes easy.

Installing New Air Conditioners for Over 40 Years

It’s hard to imagine anything worse than writing a big check for a new air conditioner and its installation, only to have it crash a few days later. The bottom line is that when All City performs your installation, there are fewer post-installation service calls.

After the installation, we run thorough diagnostics on your new system to confirm everything is running at optimal levels. In addition, we review the entire system with you to ensure you know how the system works and how to continue to get top performance. This not only makes life easier for you, but also extends the life of the system.

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Heat Pump Installation

Heat pump installation can make a huge difference where it counts most – your bank account. You can significantly lower the expense of heating or cooling your home or business by installing a heat pump. The heat pump replaces not only the air conditioning unit, but also the furnace. They may be more costly to install, but over the long haul, they’ll save you a lot in reduced energy costs.

Details to Consider with Heat Pump Installation

Size of Your Home: The biggest factor in calculating the cost of your heat pump is the size of your home. The pump size is determined based on the home’s square footage. The larger your heat pump, the larger the expense. And whatever you do, don’t try to cut corners by putting in a smaller pump. Any up-front savings will quickly be offset by higher operating costs necessary to generate the same levels of service.

Air Source Pumps: Air source pumps require more, however, these costs can be kept down with regularly scheduled care. The amount you save on utility bills over time will likely more than cover the cost of maintenance.

Expense of Installation: An air-source heat pump has a less intensive installation process, but still requires experience and expertise to install properly. A qualified HVAC company who is familiar with the system and how it should be installed is a must.

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Furnace Installation

There’s no getting around it: a furnace installation is a big expense. It’s one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If your furnace is showing signs of failure, talk to the HVAC professionals at All City Heat and Air about a no-obligation furnace diagnostic.

Who wants to endure another cold, miserable winter? Who needs the high energy costs, bizarre furnace sounds, and erratic heat? Call the experts at All City Heat and Air to get more information about how to proceed, and how you’ll start saving money.

Is It Time for a New Furnace?

Maybe you have an attachment to that old furnace of yours. After all, you’ve been listening to it belch and groan for years. But perhaps the time has come to think about replacing old faithless with a new, energy efficient furnace. You’ll be amazed when you see how much you’ll save each month on your utility bills. The house will finally be quiet at night.

You’ll be happy you parted ways with old faithless. With over forty years of heating and air conditioning experience in the greater Charlotte area, All City is waiting for your call.

All City Heat & Air Has the Right Furnace for You

We have a wide range of new furnace options. We can suit the needs of any home or business and work with any budget. We will come out to you, evaluate your current situation, and determine your future heating needs. After a thorough analysis, we will offer suggestions to meet your heating requirements. Once you’ve made your decision, All City will handle the delivery and installation of your new furnace so you can get on with your busy life.

Signs That You Need a New Furnace

  • Gradually increasing utility bills
  • Furnace that’s 10 years or older
  • More frequent repair bills


To find out more about furnace installation, call the HVAC experts at All City today. Call 704-545-2000 now for answers to your furnace installation questions.

Air Duct Installation

Proper duct installation is essential to enjoy the full benefits of a heating and cooling system. Not only that, but it’s critical to help you save on your utility bills. Improperly installed ducts will leak warm and cool air from the system, causing it to work twice as hard to compensate. This wears out your system prematurely, and it increases your energy bills.

Our Experience Equals Knowledge

The duct installation professionals at All City have seen how poorly installed ducts can eliminate any potential energy savings from an otherwise efficient HVAC unit. Improperly installed and sealed ducts release large volumes of cool or heated air into the atmosphere, along with your utility money.

Never fear, All City is here. Our experienced NATE certified technicians will perform proper duct installation from the start. We can also repair any improperly sealed and installed ductwork.

What to Do When Utility Bills Climb

Even if the duct installation was done properly to begin with, it can get out of whack over time. As time goes on, your ducts can expand, contract, and gradually shift, causing them to slowly start to leak heated or cooled air. If you notice your utility bills gradually increasing, have the professionals at All City come in and analyze your system to diagnose the problem.

Old or New Ductwork, We Do It All

If you’re building a new home and need brand new air duct installation, we have you covered. If you need to repair or replace your existing ductwork, we have you covered. No matter the situation, our experienced professionals will do a proper job and ensure your ductwork is working correctly, with no costly leaks.

To find out more about duct installation, call the heating and air conditioning experts at All City today. Call 704-545-2000 now to discover how to lower your utility bills.

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