All City Techs wearing masks and gloves

In our current and rapidly changing new environment, it is important that we carefully monitor and do what we can to prevent the spread of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation.  All City Heat & Air is dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of our clients and has firmly adopted the following policies to ensure we are doing everything we can for not only our clients but the entire Metro area.

  • Our technicians have an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and are required to wash their hands before during and after each job.
  • Our technicians wear nitrile gloves when possible to prevent hand contact with home or office surfaces.
  • All of our team members are trained on infection prevention and control measures
  • We have instructed our technicians not to shake hands for our customer’s protection.
  • All of our team members are instructed to stay home if they are sick.

All City is happy to discuss any specific requirements or requests you may have to further protect your health and home.

We are offering the Air Knight PX5 Air Purification system to keep your indoor air quality clean and clear of contaminants.

Our regular price for the product is $978 per unit. For our members, the cost would be $842.55 after your 15%-member discount. We regularly install this product to help eradicate allergens, VOCs, bacteria, and other viruses other than COVID-19, so there is an excellent value to having one in your home apart from the current pandemic we are facing.

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